My Cat 2012 and earlier

Lots of My Cat stories from 2012 and earlier

December 2012


Hello to all the ladies at the Scratching Post!

thought I would send you an update on how life has been treating me
over the past year. I was rescued last year after I gave birth to my 4
kittens in a flowerpot (hence the unusual name Sorrel that you gave me)
and taken under your wing. Sadly two of my babies died due to me being
unable to feed them properly but I believe the other two are now happy
in new homes like me.

new owners picked me out last September at a big open day. Apparently
they fell in love with my big eyes and unusual colouring (I am a
torty-tabby) and that was that. One week later, after a volunteer had
checked them out and saw that I would have plenty of space, I was taken
off in a taxi to my new home. Well I couldn’t ask for more. I have my
own chair with a cushion which I sleep on, as well as a basket upstairs
near to my family at night as I dont like being away from them for too
long. I have a fantastic garden to run about and hide in and after a few
run ins with other local cats I have marked my territory so none of
them come here anymore.

family say that I am a ‘pickle’ and a ‘mouse catcher’, my hunting
instincts haven’t left me and I like to catch mice, birds and frogs but
it seems that a few of them have been saved and set free recently – not
sure how that happened!

My life here is very content, and I have my milky paws firmly under the table!

Thanks for saving my life and giving me a new family!

Lots of love

Sorrel xxx

(Adopted by Angela and family at the Open Day 2011)

Jet and Bailey

Just thought I would send a couple of piccies, to let you see that
the kittens are feeling at home already. We are keeping Jet’s name but
my daughter has renamed bailey, he is now known as zeus.

Thank you
for letting us take them home, we are having lots of fun playing with
them and watching them chase each other round the room. Hence the sleepy
photos as they are difficult to catch on camera.


Mrs Samantha T.

November 2012

Tim and Tom






Tim and Tom came to live with us in October 2011, you knew them as Ron & Harry. (Tim has more white than Tom).

They are very well and seem to be enjoying life.

We thought that you might want a few photos of them.


Paul & Amanda



October 2012



Hi everyone!

Just thought I would send an email letting you know ALL about my new home!

humans (Katheryn and Teresa) spoil me rotten and call me their
princess. I have no idea what that means but it must be good as they
bring me loads of really cool toys to play with.

My humans have now
FINALLY let me outside to play. I mean honestly, I had been staring
longingly out of the window for what felt like WEEKs hinting that I
wanted to be let outside! It was like they didn’t trust me to not run
off or something. Anyway, now I have all these new things to do which
fill my day up. There are leaves to be chased, birds to watch and even a
squirrel which is teasing me everyday by coming too close! It’s just
too fast for me to catch at the moment…. (One day he WILL be mine

In between all these jobs, I have to pop back every so often
to let my humans know that I am still there – I am terrified that if I
don’t reassure them I am safe, they will think I am lost or something.
It’s great – they even give me treats for coming back to say hi! Silly

As you can imagine all of this is very tiring so I like
nothing more than after a hard day at work to snuggle up for a snooze
with whichever human gives me the most treats and attention that day.

soon as Katheryn goes to bed – I sneak into her room and slowly edge my
way into the middle of the bed so she has to move out of the way into
the corner – I don’t see why she should get the whole bed anyway! I get
bored of sleeping for too long though so I have found a new game I can
play at night! I wait deadly still until about 5am then pounce on
Katheryn’s feet and try to bite her toes to wake her up. Obviously the
human falls straight into my trap and moves feet out of the way to avoid
my expert ninja cat skills, but I am just too good and get them again
before her feet have a chance to hide…. As you can imagine, killing
feet is really hard work so after a while I just have to have another
nap. For some reason the feet seem to stay put for a while after that
until about 7am when they bounce back into life… But it’s ok – I am
always waiting to get them.

Anyway, i have to go now my humans are looking at me strangely and wondering what on earth I am doing sat at the computer.

Speak soon!

Purrs and kisses,

Molly xxxx

 Molly and Barney

Hello Scratching Post

It’s been two weeks since I adopted these two lovely balls of fur. By
now they go by the names Molly and Barney (called Cyprus and Jordan
whilst at the shelter).

They have settled in wonderfully and leave me in no doubt who’s in
charge in the house (the way only cats can do). They’ve claimed their
spots to cuddle and sleep as you can see in the attached pictures.
Barney is growing fast and Molly does have her paws full when
play-fighting and sometimes just loses her patience and walks away to
curl up somewhere in peace. But they still like to cuddle up together
every now and again.

They’ve bonded with their new daddy quite fast and both of them like a
good old tummy scratch or simply fall asleep either on my chest or next
to me….if they’re not busy playing with one of their toys or playing
catch with one another that is…

I am so glad they’re happy here and they’re bringing a smile to my face every single day. Thanks for making that possible!

All the best,


August 2012

July 2012




Hi Ros & all at the Scratching Post,
Merry has settled in very well. We have had three slow worms and four mice as ‘presents’ so far!

Thankfully Merry and Edward are getting along fine too! I’ve pasted a photo below!

A big thank you for all the volunteers at the Scratching Post!

Best wishes Lindsay & Family



June 2012 


Good day,

My name is Mal and I adopted young Jerry (now Dexter) on the 2nd June and I just wanted to share some pictures with you and let you know how he is getting on.

you can probably tell from the pictures, the very handsome Dexter has
made himself very much at home and is a very happy boy.
has the run of the house with no other animals to pester him.  He plays
endlessly with the little white mouse that came with him when I brought
him home.
have furnished the house with other toys for him and we have great fun
playing with them.  At the moment though he has no interest whatsoever
in the luxurious bed that I got for him.
He looks at it with disdain which makes me chuckle.
was very timid when I first got him home and for the first 5 days I
didn’t see him at all, only these eyes peering out at me from his hiding
place behind the sofa. I knew he was coming out though when I went to
bed as the food would always disappear. I let him do things at his own
pace, but I finally managed to lure him out with some chicken breast
slices.  He was nervous for a few days but I soon won his trust and he
purring at my feet and just loves to be fussed, which is wonderful.  He
has now started to mieow at me and it’s a joyous feeling. We are
becoming great buddies. 
you can see from the pictures, he has discovered the window ledge and
knows that there are interesting things outside. I will let him explore
in a few weeks.  
He is a beautiful cat and I am very lucky that he has taken to me.   
I am so glad that the Scratching Post exists to give a chance to cats like Dexter. 
Many thanks,



Agent Mimi                                                                                                 Georgy Girl           

‘As a double agent, I have many aliases and at The Scratching Post was known only as ‘Pebbles’.  I
am currently continuing my intense physical training programme in the
East End of London, with a perky young whippersnapper code named  ‘Georgy Girl’.  My
pace setter’s free-running prowess and monochrome attire make her a
useful foil though I fear she lacks the elegance and guile to be a full
time spy. Our next joint assignment (as far as we are able to reveal)
involves the infiltration of Team GB to ensure a raft of gold medals in
the surprise new sports of Non-Water Polo, Modern Pawtathelon,
Synchronised Reclining and Floor Diving (my Triple Twisting Slingshot
Guillotine Whiskerdrop is caught on secret camera above). When I branch
out once more (in the interests of national security) alone you may run
into me purrfecting my cunning impersonation of a Maine Coon.  A warning lest you be tempted to blow my cover however – I will simply reply that you have made ‘schurely schome mishtake’….!’

Note from
Jo, who has the honour of Agent Mimi living with her….’Mimi’s only
been with us a month or so but hopefully the photos attest to how well
she’s settled!


Other than that I’d like to say again what stirling work I think
you’re all doing at TSP and wish you all the very best in 2012 and
beyond! With best whiskers, 

Jo, Agent Mimi, Georgy Girl’


June 2012

Luna and Cleo (formerly Bib and Tucker )
This lovely picture was sent to use by Louise.
‘They sure are gorgeous. They have absolutely lovely natures too.
Cleo is a bit timid still but she’s gradually coming out of herself.

Luna on the other hand made herself at home within about five minutes.’


 May 2012 Cordelia

Lucy and Bertie
Dear All at the Scratching Post,
We adopted Abbey
(now Lucy) and her brother Angelo (now Bertie) mid March after my very
first volunteering session at the shelter (I won’t bring any home, I
promise!!).  Lucy had a broken pelvis and required cage rest for 4
weeks, you may have seen her story as Abbey on the Latest Mews page, and
the sight of a timid needy little kit clinging to her brother for
comfort just stole our hearts.
are settling in well and making the most of being loved and fussed.
Bertie is a real softie and jumps on your lap for a stroking session as
soon as you sit down and what a purr!  Lucy is understandably more
timid, but is coming around well and loves to be brushed (with a
toothbrush!) and play with her toys.  She has just been for her vet
checkup and her pelvis appears to be healing well by itself and so she
has been allowed out of her pen for play sessions with Bertie and they
have been having a wonderful time chasing each other around the kitten
creche that used to be our living room!  They have both fallen in love
with one of our 5 other cats and as he is also long haired we wondered
if they thought he was ‘mum’!    
The attached picture shows our beautiful babies,  Lucy inside and Bertie outside the kitten pen (which she still requires, but hopefully not for much longer).  They
may have started life as ferals, but you wouldn’t know it now, they are
gentle, sweet and very affectionate and we would urge anyone who is
thinking of getting a kitten to please, please visit the Scratching
All the best 
Jo & Pete (April 2012)

Sebastian and Annie


At last I’m sending some pics of my boy Sebastian in his happy home
(since 2008) . Also one of him and little Annie who I’ve now had for
about 7 weeks. Liz


WebEd: Annie was at the cattery since she was born and Liz (one of
our volunteers) took her home recently – we are so grateful to people
like Liz for giving these timid cats a chance as they do spend such a
long time in the shelter. They may be wary of you at first but are
extremely sociable with other cats and make them great companions,
especially if you are out at work all day. In time, they will often
become loving and very friendly.

(April 2012)


Dear scratching post and everyone who took care of me,

I thought I would send you a message to let you know how I am getting on.

My new mummy and daddy are great and they love me to bits… they always tell me!!

I am king of the castle here, I have a daily brush and a belly rub. I don’t really like cat food so often have

 lots of fresh chicken and tinned fish which I much prefer. I do show my appreciation by catching mice
and on a good day a pigeon. However my mum brought me a new necklace with a bell on, which gets in
 the way of my hunting…..but I still mange it on occasion.

Anyway I’m being called in now as its bedtime……hope daddy has fluffed my pillow.

Thank you for finding me a home, I love being part of a family.

Meow xxxx

(April 2012)


Daisy settled into our home instantaneously and completely took over!

She is very much loved and very spoilt! But she does give back very much in return.

We know lots of people were interested on homing her so we feel very previledged

 to have our mischievous little princess.

Thank you for allowing us to home daisy – she has filled the void which was left by

our special boy “Titch” who passed away over 5 years ago.

Many thanks from Sharon, Mick, Laura and Olivia O’Connor

Feb 2012

Bee Bee (now Riley)



Dear All at The Scratching Post,

a very informative and helpful home visit from Evelyn, we visited The
Scratching Post and were chosen by an affectionate black cat called Bee
Bee.  We took him home the same day to St Albans on fireworks night, 5th November 2011. 

was very frightened and leapt onto the window sill then made his home
this first night on the kitchen table, I guess because he was used to
being high up.  When my son, Thomas, met him the next day, it was a
match made in heaven.  We renamed him Riley and Thomas is over the moon
to finally have his first pet and they have become instant friends (and

Riley had been at The Scratching Post since May and was loved there.  I
promised to let you know how he is.  I have no idea why he was there so
long as he is such an affectionate fellow.  He has a lovely resting
place on a big wide chair which he prefers to his own bed and he spends
many happy hours there, opening one eye slightly as we pass by!

the first weeks of keeping him indoors, Riley immediately worked out
how to use his new cat flap and is out daily exploring our garden and
the surrounding area.  Two mice so far have been delivered to our
patio.  We can almost see him smile.  We marvel at his self cleaning
skills and the noises he makes.  We love his squeaks and his purring.

follows us around when we come in and is the only cat I know that
doesn’t run away when visitors arrive.  In fact, we generally find him
at our side when friends come to see us as if he is listening to the
conversation!  He invites attention and a fuss, even from small children
and loves it when he gets a good tickle or brush. 

you all at The Scratching Post for the good work you do and for helping
us to find our new family member.  Thomas tells him daily that he loves
him (and I do sometimes too)!

I’ve always loved cats but have never had one of my own.  I can’t recommend the experience highly enough. 

Helen and Thomas – January 2012



I wanted to update you on Berkeley, who I brought home on 3
December 2011. Berkeley settled in straightaway, within an hour he was
sitting on the settee and another hour later, sleeping soundly on my lap
(where he can frequently be found). He and I bonded immediately. He is
very chatty and is my early morning alarm call, waking me up each day
for his breakfast. He is also very playful and here is his, posing with
his toy mouse. He is so loving, I cannot believe anyone could have
abandoned him. Thank you so much for letting me have him.

I hope his story/pictures will encourage others to adopt from you.


8 January 2012

Editors note: we are all devastated to learn that sadly Berkeley
went to the Rainbow Bridge on 19 Feb. Our thoughts and hugs go out to
Marisa. We know how grateful Berkeley was to have spent his last days
loved and in a proper home rather than in a shelter or unloved on the
streets. Play hard on the Rainbow Bridge Berkeley.

Archie and Spot

Dear Scratching Post

We thought we would send you a picture of Archie and Spot sitting on their scratching post.

got them from you on 5th December and happily they seemed to take to us
right away and seemed more than happy to share our house with us. They
sleep a lot as they are doing now. Their other hobbies include eating
and fighting with each other. During the first week we took Spot to be
the quieter of the two but since then his confidence has increased at he
gives as good as he gets in his daily play fights with Archie.

Thanks for allowing us to adopt two really lovely kittens.

All the best

Galina and John

December 2011

Tia and Sooty


Dear Scratching Post,

We cannot thank-you enough for giving
Tia and Sooty the oppurtunity to come and live with us. We have never
owned a cat before so we were a little bit worried and nervous about
what to expect but the advice from the Scratching Post answered all our
questions and helped us make our mind up. They have also been excellent
in answering all the questions that we forgot to ask them before we
adopted our two cats.

We adopted two cats, Tia and Sooty, and
they have been a pleasure to live with. At first both cats were a little
bit nervous about moving into a new and strange home but they are now
starting to settle down and relax into a daily routine. Sooty is a very
adventorous cat and she loves to follow you around the house and make
sure that she isn’t missing out on anything. She also loves to play with
your laces, normally just before you’re going out the frontdoor for

Tia is a more cautious and reserved cat. She loves to sit
on her cushion while you stroke her, she particualrly likes to be
stroked under the chin. Tia really struggled to adapt to a new house at
first, she used to hide next to the radiator or underneath chairs
whenever she could but she has become more confident and now explorers
the whole house. One of her favourite activities is sitting by a window
upstairs and looking into the garden when it is nice and sunny.

we only adopted the cats in September 2011 we feel that they have been
with us for a much longer time, they have enhanced our lives and we
don’t know why we didn’t think about adopting a cat earlier.

would like to thank the Scracthing Post for everything they have done
for us and for the cats that they look after, they are an invaluable
charity. We would definitely recommend that if you are thinking about
adopting a cat that you talk to them.


Joe, Sue and Tony

November 2011

Smudge and CoCo 

I just wanted to give you all an update about how Tiley (now Smudge) and Sue (now CoCo) are settling in to their new home.

They haven’t been here a week yet, but already, they are making themselves right at home. Smudge now sleeps in the

dog bed as she seems to be more comfortable there and obviously diesn’t mind the dog smell, this leaves CoCo to spread

herself out in her new bed. Their characters are coming to the fore. They have checked out their new surroundings and

certainly aren’t shy. CoCo is definately holding her own and doesn’t let Smudge dictate anything to her.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give them a home …… it was a hard decision having to just pick two.

I hope all the other cats and kittens I saw, soon find new and loving homes.

Here are a few pictures of Smudge and CoCo. (Pics will be uploaded soon)


 (Nov 2011)

Alfie, Toby and Misty‏

 Alfie                                                         Misty                                                           Toby

It’s been a while (February) since we adopted our three lovely
furballs, so we thought we’d give you a quick update on how they’re
getting along.
When we originally went to visit the Scratching Post, we were
looking for two cats, but when we met their father, a very friendly and
very fluffy cat, we just knew we couldn’t leave him behind!


Alfie and Misty, the two younger ones, are much changed from when
we first got them. Misty was very prone to hiding wherever she could the
first little while we had her (she gave us a big scare the first week
when we couldn’t find her anywhere – we even looked behind the fridge! –
but finally we spotted her hiding behind the drying rack). Now she’s a
lovely and affectionate cat – although she does like to play a game
where she will place herself juuuuuust out of reach for strokes!
Alfie when we first got him was very scared of everything, and just
took to hiding behind the big basket we’d bought them so they could all
sleep together. Nowadays he’s very playful – although he’s still quite
scared of strangers and tends to hide whenever there’s visitors, his
idea of heaven is just sitting in my husband’s lap all day while he’s
Father Toby is… well, he is as he’s always been. Even from week
1, when Alfie and Misty where busy hiding and being scared, he walked
around his house in a regal manner, a king exploring his new domain. He
is still very friendly, and loves prancing around the neighbourhood
getting strokes from everyone he passes – the most heard comment we had
yesterday (halloween) from all the children was “ooh this is where the
fluffy cat lives!
We’re very happy to have all three of them and they have turned our house into a real home
Karol & Daniel
(November 2011)












Leon and Galli
Thanks to everyone at the scratching
post.We now have to beautiful and content cats (Sassy and Rizzo, now
known as Leon and Galli, after spanish places where my parents were
born). It took only 40 mins for them to come out from under tne sofa,
I’m so proud of them. They are showing us more of their characters each
day. They are loving and fun to be with,we are very lucky to have them
in our lives. Once again a big thank you.

Vicky xxx

(October 2011)

Honeycombe and Harrison 

Dear All,  thank you for your help in finding great cats for our home, it’s good to see them so happy J both getting on really well together. Please find attached picture of Honeycombe and Harrison enjoying the sunshine.


All the best

Larry & Michele
 July 2011

Becky (tortie) and Lily (black)



thought we would update you on Becky and Lily who we adopted from the
Scratching Post in  January 2010 soon after we moved into our new home
and where  we felt was empty. Soon after our visit from the homing
people from the Scratching Post we went on a rather snowy day to visit
the Sanctuary and after seeing Becky lying rather  forlorn on the shelf
we decided that she would be coming home with us . At the same time a
small black cat running around the room with a red collar caught our eye
who we found out was called Lily and she also came home with us, she is
still running around and  she is still a small cat who is always
getting into trouble!  She has also developed a real mischievous
personality and follows Margaret everywhere where she is in the house,
often sleeps on her side of the bed and  she also likes the Simpsons
for some strange reason and will sit watching all the way through the


Becky who was “ready for home comforts” according to the website has
certainly taken advantage of that  and likes nothing better than
sleeping on the sofa when we are watching television in the evening, she
jumps up to be stroked  and loves all the attention but she can be a
bit shy at times and stakes her place on the sofa no matter who is
sitting there. Becky’s key interests include being fussed over, being
thoroughly spoilt and been given tasty leftovers unlike Lily on the
other hand who will simply leap up and helps herself (this also
includes  jumping onto the table when we are eating).


Both cats are much loved and  receive lots of attention and love which they reciprocate, they really do make our house a home.


Andy and Margaret


(May 2011)

Harry (formerly Oxo)
Just thought I’d give you an update on Oxo (now known as Harry).
Harry is a fantastic family cat, as he loves all of us equally, he
chooses which one of us is going to be graced by his presence each night
as he has the pick of all of the beds. We’re not too sure why he
occasionally has phases of biting me (no-one else, just me!), but apart
from that he’s settled in fantastically.
Harry has a very definate personality, with some lovely features,
such as yesterday, when he followed me up to another house in the road
and waited outside for an hour and a half, until I came out and then
followed me home! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to go
home to put him indoors so that he didn’t follow me along a busier lane!
He is relaxed around the house, even when our three boys are having
a noisy day, but we have been known to take him upstairs to one of the
beds, to stop him picking on visiting dogs, as the dogs were getting
Thankyou for Harry, he is a lovely cat!
We are contemplating another cat as well, but are unsure at the
moment as Harry’s personality may be a little too big for another cat!.
Thaks again
Jo Willis (March 2011)

I am writing to update you on my elderly princess, Jessie, who came
to me from the Scratching Post in September.  I knew I wanted an older
cat and didn’t mind what size, colour or gender, but didn’t really want a
long haired cat.   As you can see from the picture, it didn’t quite
work out  (the best laid plans and all that!)  She was quite unwell soon
after I got her and it took a while for her to settle in and decide she
liked me but now she is my right-hand cat.  She has trained me in what
food she likes (prefers the expensive stuff – we look for offers, plenty
of variety), makes sure I get up in the morning, times vary but she
seems to have a system, and supervises my time on the computer.  Friends
and relatives have suggested she is rather indulged (cheek!) but Jess
and I are having none of it.  I would certainly say to people thinking
of getting a cat to consider a ‘senior’ and although I’ve only had her a
few months I can’t imagine her not being here now.  Thanks to Jean,
Susan and everyone for finding me the perfect cat.

Best wishes (and a slightly bossy meow)

Laura and Jess

(March 2011)

(Mr) Darcy
To my dear ladies at The Scratching Post !
I thought it was about time for a
catch-up ! I’ve had a very busy and exciting week or so, and I now live
with a lady called Mummy !
She came to see me at The Scratching
Post and to be honest, she and I were both a pair of miseries on the
day. I spat and snarled, and Emma and Louise tried to tell the lady I
was a nice boy really, at which point I inadvertantly bit Emma’s hand,
drawing blood. Sorry about that, dear girl, you know I was fond of you,
but I had been feeling a bit grumpy.
I was starting to get a bit
down-hearted at The Scratching Post as I had been there a very long
time, and as soon as people realised I was a pensioner, they cast me
aside. And then the miserable lady did the same thing. I was just a bit
tired and emotional and couldn’t compete with all the cute kittens. I
was one myself once, you know…..
To my susprise, the lady came back the
next day and said that she realised that she loved me after all, and so
Susan put me in the box with a nice piece of chicken (thanks for that,
old bean!) and off we went !
On the way, the lady introduced herself
as Mummy and explained she was sad as her cat friend had passed all too
early across the Rainbow Bridge, and so she hadn’t been banking on
falling for an old boy like me. I felt quite sorry for her and decided
it was time for some stiff upper lip ! So as soon as we got to my new
house, I decided to wow her with some amusing antics ! I thought “Let’s
cheer up the old girl and show her what us old cats can do!”. Luckily,
Susan had mentioned to her that I like a screwed up ball of paper to
play with……so I immediately went into acrobatic mode, got some
“ooooohs and aaaaahs” out of her, then set about jumping on all the
furniture to test it for cosiness.
I made Mummy laugh a lot that day and
she said I was an old fraud, pretending to be a pensioner when clearly I
can leap about with the best of them ! 
I pointed out to her that a cat’s as
young as he feels. And suddenly finding myself with a warm house, a cosy
bed and a Mummy of my own, I suddenly felt like quite the kitty.
I have been eating like there is no
tomorrow…..I have managed to hoodwink the Mummy into believing I
needed fattening up. It worked for a while, but she has now cottoned on
to the fact that I am just a naturally lean fellow, so the feeding on
demand has kind of tailed off. However, you know I’m a bit of ladies
man, and so every now and then I give her that cute look that I do, and
before I know it, she’s off into the kitchen opening me a snack ! I
could get used to this….
My knees are a bit old, so Mummy has
put me a nice rug down under my food bowls so that I can get a good grip
when I am bending down to eat. I have sent you a couple of pics of me,
one having a snooze on the sofa and one of me about to have my dinner.
Mummy says to say sorry that the pics aren’t very clear, but she just
wanted you to know how well I have settled in and how much I have helped
to nurse her broken heart.
Thanks to all the lovely ladies who
looked after me so well for all that time I was there with you. I hope
that you understood when I got a little grouchy at the end, but I have
been a good boy all my life, and thought I would never get a home of my
own again now that I am getting on in years. I loved you all dearly, but
those other cats were getting on my nerves a bit and just wanted my own
place in the world.
Mummy says that I am already very
special to her and that she can’t imagine life without me. I think she
might wear my face out with all the kisses I get. I feel that I have a
new lease of life and might just go on for years and years and years.
Anyway, better go, as I have some
snoozing to do whilst I plan what toy to play with next. I miss you all,
and will always remember the lovely ladies at The Scratching Post who
looked after me so well.
Love Darcy (or as Mummy calls me…..Mr. Darcy)
December 2010



Hi – Just
thought I would update you on my darling little Betty.  We rescued her
and brother as semi ferals from you about 2 months ago (then called
Midnight and Solo).  We set up camp for them in the shed, buying them
nice fleecy bed, insulating the shed and putting in a cat flap.  I used
to go and feed them twice a day, where betty promptly came out of the
shed when I called her name via the flap.  As I have domesticated cats
who she saw me regularly talking to and following me in the house, she
must have thought, hang on a minute why am I outside when the others go


Unfortunately I have not seen
Betty’s brother for weeks now, so I can only think he was never as semi
feral as Betty, and was more than happy to live of the land.  I have
been down to the garden numerous times, put food down and just haven’t
seen him.  I am hoping that he does go back in the shed via the flap.


Anyway, about 2 weeks ago, I opened
the front door and there was Betty sitting on my front door step, I
opened the door, and to my amazement she came in, setting up camp in my
second bedroom underneath the radiator. 


I am writing this on Friday, and
Betty has been indoors since Tuesday, not even wanting to venture
outside.  She sits on the windowledge and looks out, but I think has
decided it is to cold to go outside.  She gets on really well with my
other cats, even the girls, and snuggles up with my little tortie girl
tilly.  She wont let us stroke her, but Im hoping that will come.


She was seen yesterday sitting on
our bed, she is now brave enough to jump on the other sofa when we are
watching telly and have a sleep, but if you go towards her she jumps
off.  Her favourite place at the moment is lying underneath the
radiation which seems to have been on constantly the last couple of


I attach a photograph of Betty in
her dogbed, yes dogbed, so its big enough for her and Tilly to sleep
together which they regularly do.


Jane & Betty

November 2010


It’s been nearly a year since I came along with my sister to pick
up her 2 kittens, and immediately my heart strings were tugged. I’d
never thought about getting a cat until I saw this shy and timid big cat
staring at me from inside the pen, and remember you saying he was a
little scared of people but I managed to give him a stroke.. 4 weeks
later I was bringing him home!
You had named him Timothy, which went to Timmy, but he now comes running if I call Timtim.
He’s now well settled and has definitely made himself at home after
spending the first few months hiding away. He has no intention of going
outside and the only time now he hides away is when the front door
opens, but then again would you want to go outside again if you spent
your first few years living there – I wouldn’t!
He makes me laugh and smile everyday and chats away like I
understand cat language, he is the funniest and the cutest all rolled
into one. His latest trick is to lick my eyelids at 6am to try to wake
me up, and when I don’t he just flops down and purrs like an engine!
I’d urge anyone to give a cat a home as all it can do is enhance your life, I wish I’d realised years ago!
Keep up the great and valuable work,

Zia and Zarrin (formerly Susie and Pebbles)


thought we’d send you some photos of Zia and Zarrin (formerly Susie and
Pebbles) now that they are significantly bigger than the 8 week old
kittens we adopted earlier this year.  As you can see, Zia has an
amazing tail, charms everyone and is very good at climbing trees.
Zarrin is living up to the naughty tortie reputation and is incredibly

Thanks so much to Brenda for looking after them so
well before they came to us. They have certainly made themselves at home
and are ruling the house with aplomb!

David and Rachel

Ruby and Alfie


Dear Scratchingpost,
We wanted to say thank you for helping us bring Ruby and Alfie into
our lives. I knew Ruby had to come home with us when I first met her at
Ann’s house she brought me her mouse and put it into my handbag ready
to take home.  They settled in straight away and are now ruling the
roost.  We have only had them for a week but already it seems like they
have always been here.
They love to curl up together as much as they love play fighting.
They are both so affectionate and love to sit with us and Alfie follows
Mark everywhere. I found one way to keep Alfie entertained this morning,
he is facinated by the washing machine as you will see from the
picture.  He sat there quietly for ages just watching it.
Apparently the kittens have decided I have been on the computer too long and want some attention.
Thank you again, we will keep you updated on their progress.
Zoe & Mark (September 2010)




Dear All at The Scratching Post,

We adopted Mabel (now known as MabelPurrkins!) from you in
March, and I am pleased to inform you that never has a cat made a family
so happy!

Whilst for the first night especially and then for the first
couple of weeks she was very timid, Mabel has now completely come into
her own and is the boss of the family! She is now well aware that we
will do anything she wants after just one meow and has us all wrapped
around her little paw!

Mabel loves lying on her back in the sun (as you can see from
some of the photos) in what we call her ‘goal!’ pose with all her legs
in the air. She also enjoys curling up in what is now known as Mabel’s
seat on the patio and sleeping the day away. She loves attention and if
we haven’t made a fuss of her for a little while will come and find one
of us to remedy this! She purrs at the slightest thing and loves
sleeping on my bed as a special treat; just lying on my bed alone makes
her purr for hours on end. She makes us laugh every day with her strange
little antics (she is certainly an individual cat and has some very
amusing quirks!) and although we are all currently covered in her furr
from her losing her winter coat, we wouldn’t be without her. We cannot
thank you enough for helping us find our purrfect cat!

All the best, and weshall keep you updated!

The Howells Family
August 2010

Roxy and Mika


We contacted the Scratching Post
three years ago and I came along to the cattery with my daughter Nicky
and fell in love with the kittenish Tortie she called ‘Roxy’.

showed the family a picture of the older black and white companion we
left behind at the cattery and they all urged me to go back and get her!
At 11-years-old, we were told she wouldn’t be a popular choice and
would probably have seen out her days at the Scratching Post. We named
her ‘Mika’. Both cats completely took over the household. We all fell in
love with them and even took them along when we had a family portrait
done at Christmas.

I’m sad to tell you that poor Mika became
seriously ill a few weeks ago. She developed a massive tumour and went
downhill very suddenly. We took the tough decision to have her put to
rest. She was a very loving cat – completely devoted to my husband,
Colin and followed him around like a dog!

But, we want to thank
you all for the joy these felines have brought into our lives – and Roxy
continues to do with her antics!! You are all doing a fantastic job and
you are very diligent over finding secure and loving homes for some
real characters.

Thanks again………and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Best Wishes, Karen, Colin, Nicky and Kyle………..x

 August 2010
            Mika                                                                     Roxy



Hello all at The Scratching post,

have finally got round to emailing some photos of Will. He really has
settled with us now, and likes to think he is King of the neighbourhood.
He is very funny and has got extremely playful!! He is friendly and
doesnt mind a cuddle on his own terms!

Thankfully he is now
living the good life, and seems like a different cat to the one we
brought home, who hissed at all of us for a few days….but now he rules
this house 🙂

Hope you like the photos!!!

Best Wishes

Louise, Ian & Rachel xx




Luna (formerly Sophia) weaved
around our ankles and stole our hearts at the Scratching Post in June
2008 and we have been blissfully cohabiting ever since.  She is in
charge of the daily routine starting with a cuddle or very excitable
running around just before the alarm goes off, to meeting Tom at the
garage when he returns from work, escorting him to the front door then
racing to the lounge to be on the back of the sofa for the ceremonial
welcome cuddle.  She likes to come and go as she pleases and is
remarkably skilled at unlocking her cat flap!  She is the sweetest most
affectionate cat ever and she likes nothing better than being the centre
of attention when we have guests.  We even forgive her the gift
delivery service of rodents and birds which she can get quite
enthusiastic about from time to time. She is a constant source of
amusement and makes us very happy indeed.
Lindy & Tom

Amy (update)

Amy’s Accident

After Amy’s entry in April 2009 at
the end of the month we found Amy with a badly broken leg early one
morning, so it was off to the vets. After x-rays it was found she had a
fractured right leg and a crushed foot. After spending the next 3 days
sedated she was operated on by an orthopedic surgeon and her leg was
pinned and supported in a metal frame. She was allowed to return home
but had to be kept in a cage. Amy was kept in her cage all through the
summer, moving her several times each day so she always had an
interesting view. She progressed well with frequent trips to the vets
for x-ray and a change of bandages and in the Autumn she was allowed out
of her cage for short periods of time.

Late November she had the
pins removed and a support bandage applied. Finally in early December
after 7 months the final bandage was removed and she was allowed to
venture out again…………….Today she is a very happy and active
cat with just a slight limp.

David, May 2010.


Hello everyone at Scratching Post,

adopted Phoenix (formally Tadpole in August 2009). When we read that
black and black & white cats are the hardest to home we decided that
we are going to get one before we even visited the cattery. Scratching
Post has so many beautiful black and black & white cats that it was
very difficult to pick one and I wanted to take them all home! When I
saw Phoenix all stretched out on the floor of the cattery just in front
of the entrance, I knew that he was the right cat for us. He was so
gentle and soft despite his large size and we were looking for a cat,
who would get along with our puppy, Dimple.

Phoenix has been
perfect from day one, he is so gentle and well behaved. He got on with
Dimple right away and they are really good friends now, playing together
all the time, cuddling and pottering about in the garden. You can see
them here cuddling on the sofa. At first Phoenix was a bit shy and
didn’t come out of the spare room I gave him for a couple of days, he
was scared of all household noises like the washing machine and the
shower. Despite being a bit shy at first he wasn’t short of purrs and
cuddles for everyone. We have never seen him hiss or scratch anyone or
anything, he is so gentle and gets on with all cats and dogs he meets,
and even with my fish!

After a month in the house we started
letting him out into the garden and he loved spending time outside. He
stays outdoors most of the day and only comes in at night to sleep and
during the day to eat. He even wants to go outside when it rains or
snows! I think Phoenix is very happy to finally have his own home and
you can see a happy little grin on his face all the time. He is a
wonderful cat and everyone who meets him falls instantly in love with

Thank you to everyone at the Scratching Post for the wonderful work that you do!

All the Best ,

Katherine XX

April 2010


Hello Susan and Jean and all my old cat friends at The Scratching Post !

I used to be called “Frazer” when I lived at the Scratching Post, but now I’m called Billy and I just thought I’d send you a quick pic of me now I’ve settled in at my new house.
I was very scared at first and decided
it would be best to live behind the sofa and hope the lady would forget I
was there, but in the end I quite liked her because she gives me nice
food that I don’t have to share with other cats, and she strokes me a
lot and gave me some toys to play with.
I especially like my little football and we play this together !
So me and the lady are very good pals
now and and all of a sudden I’m not scared any more. I do get a bit
embarrassed when she goes all soppy and and tickles my tummy and calls
me her little lion, but I suppose I do play up to a bit really……she
says I have the loudest purr in the world and that sometimes I sound
like a lion roaring.
Today I surprised the lady by being in her bed she woke up ! She said I am a very good boy and well I suppose I am.
Anyway, thanks for looking after me while I was waiting for a new mum, and I do hope all the other cats find new homes soon.
Must go, as I think I heard the sound of cat biscuits being opened and so it must be time for my snack !!
Miaow to you all
Billy (and Tanya)

February 2010

Harry Houdini

Hi remember me – Harry Houdini,

went to my new home with Mum & Dad early in March 09. At first I
was a bit shy and hid behind the sofa, I only came out to eat when they
were out.

Once I was allowed outside my life changed, I soon
found an interest in the young lady cat next door, I chase her and she
hits me especially when I pinch her food, we are friends now and visit
each others homes everyday, I also llike playing with the 2 children who
live there..

I still love to go out for quite long periods, once
they really worried when I disappeared for a whole day and night, they
were beginning to panic when I turned up for my lunch.

summer I did lots of hunting and brought home some birds and lots of
mice mostly alive, the family weren’t too impressed and it caused quite a
commotion. Of course I have to go after other cats who invade our
gardens, usually I get bitten and end up at the vets for antibiotics.

seems to think I should like to sit on her lap but I am not too sure
about that though I do like a cuddle and give them lots of attention in
the morning, hoping to get my breakfast quickly before I am off out for
another day of fun, then back to my nice soft bed where I snuggle down
after venturing out on these cold days.

Thanks for rescuing me, Harry

(Celia & Vic)

Jan 2010



Mansell (2010 update)


What a handsome boy and I’m told on good authority, very loveable too!

has taken a long while to settle in living with us, as you probably
remember he was very nervous and hid a lot. Well he did that for a good
year here, but over the last year he has been with us he has really come
out of himself and loves to sleep on all the beds as you can see form
the photo. He is still nervous with strangers but much better with us
and so I wanted to say to any one taking on one of your cats to give
them time to adjust to there new home as it took Mansell over a year to
settle in.




Jan 2010


After many visits to the cattery we decided to give Cleo a home. We
had already adopted 2 older cats from The Scratching Post 2 years ago
(George and Reuban) and have always looked at your website as we had one
day wanted to adopt another cat as the 2 we have are so fantastic.

It was a hard decision to take on another cat as it had to get along with George and Reuban.

After a few visits to the cattery we saw lots of cats that we loved –
but not one that was suitable for us. Just as we were considering
giving up – Cleo jumped up on the chair next to us, head butted us for
some attention and made the tiniest little meow noise – we were smitten!
She was quite scared when we first got her home, and didn’t stray too
much from under the dining table – but as the weeks have gone past she’s
now discovered how amazingly comfortable our bed is (just when we
thought we might have got cat who would sleep in her own bed!), she
plays with every single toy she can find and enjoys watching Strictly
Come Dancing! Best of all she seems to have bought out the kitten side
of our two older cats.

Thank you so much for helping us find Cleo, our cat family is now complete.

Megan and Dean

Oct 09






We recently adopted a little ginger kitten from a lady

who was homing kittens for the scratching post in chingford.


Got him for my 16th birthday present and he is beautiful.


He has fit right into our home and gets along with our other

cat Casper. Just wanted to let you know he’s well and happy

and send some pictures to show he’s fit in.


We’ve named him Marmalade.


Thankyou for the perfect 16th present!’


From Sophie

Oct 09




‘We adopted Ollie (formerly Ginger)
in late in August 2009. Less than two months on, I am glad to say that
she has settled in really well to her new home.


You recommended Ollie to us because
of her calm manner. I am glad to report that she seems to have taken to
being re-homed in her stride. She has been quick to establish favourite
sleeping places and has got into a routine of sleeping on a cosy down
pillow in my bedroom at night.


Ollie does love the garden and
spends lots of time bird and squirrel watching. She is particularly
interested in the antics of two regular squirrel visitors who seem to
delight in hanging upside down from the birdfeeder and eating the
contents while Ollie sits underneath.


Thank you Scratching Post for
letting us adopt Ollie and thanks to Alison for making us aware of
Scratching Post and the great work it does.


Have attached some pictures of Ollie in her new home and garden.



Oct 09








‘We brought Willow back to our home in February/march time 2007, so
as you can see it has taken me sometime to add him to your website!!
(better late than never)

Willow has just been a part of the
family since day 1. He is so friendly and content, although sadly you
must see a staggering amount of cats, hopefully one of you will remember

We wouldnt be without Willow, our daughter calls him Willow Pillow as he is just like a big fluffy pillow.

We are so glad we adopted Willow, after our elderly cat Matilda had passed away. He is lovely to have around.


Louise, Ian & Rachel x’

Oct 09


Lucy & Molly (previously known as Judy)

”We adopted Lucy and Molly a couple of months ago and have been
delighted with how quickly they have settled into their new home.
Although not sisters they get along very well with plenty of play
fighting and rubbing noses.

They absolutely adore exploring the garden and spend much of their time chasing butterflies and insects.

Best wishes.

Juliet and Steve”

August 09


Milly and Missy


”You helped us to choose two lovely cats after the
death of our beloved cat Sophie, Milly and Missy have settled in very
well, and they are very lovely cats and make us smile with the things
they get up to in and around the house. On the 29th August 09 they will be finally allowed to wonder around the garden (we hope they come home?)


Milly: She has a lot of character and is a very play fully cat.

Missy: She is a much laid back cat and loves a bit of fuss when she full’s like it.


Both of the cats love to have their belly rubbed and
we brush them regularly and by now we could have made a new jumper! They
eat a lot and they love to play with our granddaughter they are very
loveable and she has made them blankets/ covers for them with her
textiles skill they are handmade with their names on, they lay around on
them all day.




Love Carol and Jim and our granddaughter Amy-Jo xxx”

August 09







Dear Scratching Post,

A big thank you to Ann for bringing Austin.

was quite frightened, and spent some time hiding under the stairs, but
came out that evening to find some food. Much later on the first night
he came and had a nap on the sofa and snored.

He has discovered
several nice places to sleep; and has just started to look through the
window at the garden…. not yet allowed outside.

We are getting a lot of loving from Austin, and he is very busy training us!


Jayn and family.





‘I gave Tulouse a home. Tulouse is doing

well he really likes my family. Oh and Tulouse is 1 year old and he is well looked after.

Here is a picture of him’.


May 09




‘Amy came to live with us at the end of May last year so she has
been with us for almost a year, not a long time but she has certainly
made her home here.   She loves the outdoors in the nice weather but at
the first sign of rain she is in her favourite armchair or on the bed.
She is a lovely cat and likes affection and also loves a game, I’m
sure she has a sense of humour that we all like. As soon as we sit down
for our evening meal she joins us to see what’s on the menu in case
something takes her fancy.’
April 09




Mischief, Nanci, Snowsnow, Itsy, Orellana and Tasmin





”My new ones are settling in, Mischief
and Nanci are getting along exceedingly well and play fighting and
chasing each other all over the house, while Snowsnow is cuddling in
with Itsy and Tasmin and shouting to us at 5.30 in the morning just to
make sure we are there!!
Itsy, who we call ‘cuddles’ seems to
enjoy having a new girlfriend and Orellana is now used to having one or
other mini-monster jumping off of or onto her head and taking it with
pretty good grace.”
Footnote: February 11: Sadly Hilary informed us that Snowsnow has passed away.



Roxy and Basil

It has been a while – we’ve had Roxy and
Basil for almost a year now (will be a year in May). They settled in
very quickly and have both been fantastic. Basil loves being around
people and follows us around the house when he isn’t sitting on Helen’s
lap, and also goes to visit the children in our cul-de-sac whenever he’s
out and they come home from school! Roxy isn’t quite so gregarious with
strangers, but loves to be outside, especially when we’re in the garden
with her. She also loves to be groomed (usually by me) – which she gets
a lot being so long haired. Now that spring is very nearly upon us
they’re spending more and more time in the garden and bounce around
beautifully. They love to chase eachother around, and strangely for cats
enjoy chasing a tennis ball rolled up and down the garden!

has also had a small trip up the chimney, I noticed one day after
getting home from work. That took me a few hours cleaning, both him and
the living room! Cheeky thing had pawed the guard out of the way. We now
weigh it down so he can’t move it. He was a greyscale version of
himself that day 🙂 He was fine, just a bit grubby.

They’re great
to have around. They aren’t quite as close as they were when we got
them, since they have a bit more space and independence now I guess, but
they still play a lot and sleep together, and Basil still likes to
prune Roxy whenever she’s nearby – and when she lets him!

Steven, Helen, Roxy & Basil

March 09


Edward and Ragoo

‘Just thought you may want an update on Edward & Ragoo – adopted on 10th January 2009.

was terribly nervous on the drive home. Ragoo seemed non-plussed! We
got them home & put them in their room which had been set up with
all the essentials, bed/tray/food. It took a couple of hours for them to
feel comfortable, we went in periodically so they could get used to us –
it didn’t take long for them to come & sit on both our laps!

was three weeks on Saturday so we let them out for the first time, they
both explored their new garden as well as both neighbours gardens
(Edward even invited himself in to the neighbours living room)! Anyway
the good news is after a couple of hours they both returned home safe
& sound.

We haven’t let them out in the snow but as soon as it clears they’ll be free to explore again!

Thanks to all the volunteers at the Scratching Post for all the good work you do.

Kind regards,

Lindsay & Rob.’

  Update March 2012 – Ragoo sadly passed to the Rainbow Bridge.

‘Both boys have bought me and the family lots
of laughs & love over the past few years. Sadly Ragoo left us on
Saturday 17th March 2012. We will be looking to adopt a new pal for
Edward as soon as we are ready.

God bless little boy.’

With much love Lindsay & family.


Thank you all at Scratching Post! – Gus aka
James (April 08 homing) seems to have settled in, trashed the place and
got me nearly trained – so much so I might have to be back to find him a
friend – he is a bit bored….
Best wishes Gus & Tonya

Alan (aka Lucky) and Tash


”I rehomed two kittens at the end of September. A tabby named Alan (aka Lucky) and a black and white female I have named Tash.


When I bought them home and let them
out of the basket they soon made themselves at home and after a couple
of hours it was like they had been here for months. 
I was expecting them to hide for a couple of days but how wrong I was.
I now have lovely holey curtains and a rug with lots of catches in it! But I wouldn’t change a thing.
Thanks to Scratching post for letting me rehome these two kittens.”
From Denise





Me with my ‘sister’ Violet

”I’ve been in my new home for a month now and I am very happy.
Mum and Dad are kind and my new brothers and sisters  play with me and have made me feel  very welcome. I
have explored the house and am now allowed in the garden for short
periods under mums watchful eye, she doesn’t trust me on my own yet.
I am not surprised really as when she took me out yesterday I fell in the bog garden. Well I hadn’t seen one before! Between us we managed to clean my fur , I won’t be doing that again. Thank you for looking after me , I will write again soon 
Love Bluebell”



‘I’ve attached a photo of Henry. I adopted him from the Scratching
Post in June 2007. He settled in with his brother and sister fabulously,
but he definatly rules the roost!!! He’s adapted well to being in an
environment with 3 adult cats, but still seems to get immense enjoyment
from coming home without his collar – I think he’d holding on to his
rescue roots!!

He’s so affectionate and follows his big brother around like a little lost kitten!’







Jess and friend

Thank you to everyone at the
Scratching Post for all your hard work and wonderful support.  I
contacted the Scratching post to adopt a cat or kitten to keep my
recently adopted seven year old cat company in May 2008.  I made an
appointment to view the cats and kittens at the cattery.  I arrived to
see so many beautiful cats and adorable kittens.  However on my very
first visit one kitten decided to adopt me.  A little tabby named Jess
jumped up my leg and into my arms and would not stop 
As soon as I took her home she settled in and found her spot on the
sofa.  She continues to be fantastic company for my older 
cat and remains his faithful playmate. They play hide and seek in the garden and in the evenings they curl up and sleep together on the sofa.



Tia and Roxy

‘When we first brought them home they were a nightmare for a few
weeks. They were so stressed and tried to hide in the most awkward of
places, at one point we thought that we would not be able to get Roxy
out from the tiniest space under our wardrobe. They also scratched my
leather sofa and carpets to bits and chewed everything in sight. However
after a while they started to calm down and trust us more and began
sitting with us, enjoying lots of strokes from the three of us. Tia
still hisses a lot at Roxy when they are indoors but when they are
outside they run and jump together and playfully fight with each other.


When we first took them into the garden they were scared of every
little noise and kept running back indoors but Tia the smaller cat now
loves to climb trees and chase the birds. She spends most of her time
outside whilst Roxy  prefers to stay in more and mainly goes outside at
dusk. If they are not in at about 9.30pm we call them and they both come
running in for their last feed and then settle down for the night in
their baskets.


They have brought us lots of presents including feathers, sticks,
worms, moths, spiders, dragonflies and a live mouse. Although they can
be hard work at times they have given us a lot of joy and laughter and I
think our house would be a dull place without them.


Anyway thanks for letting us have them and I can assure you they are well loved.


Keep up the good work at the Scratching Post, we think you are a saint for all the hard work that you do.



Maggie, Terry and Will ‘





Binx aka Arthur


”When we
moved into our 1st flat, I decided I really wanted to rescue a cat. I
orginally thought we would have a kitten, but after visiting the
Stratching post, this extremely friendly cat came and jumped up on to my
lap and rolled over to have his belly rubbed! It bought tears to my
I knew then this
was the cat for me, he is around 3 years old now and been with us almost
a year. Unfortuntely he had some sores and had lost patches of furr
from a flea infestation, but within months his hair has completely grew
back and he is very fluffy now. He is a wonderful companion, he wakes me
up every morning when my alarm goes for his breakfast, he loves to sit
on my lap at every chance to have a cuddle and greets me everyday when I
come home from work. He is a pleasure to have around and I thank the
Stratching Post for rescuing him!  I do not know what I would do without
him! ”Leighaine

Romeo and Moshie

adopted Romeo and Moshie from you about a month ago and I just thought I
would give you an update.  Both are doing really well, Romeo took all
of about 2 hours to get himself settled, on the first night he was
stretched out in front of the tv in the middle of the floor.  Moshie has
taken a little longer to settle in.  She still spends most of her days
sleeping underneath our bed but as soon as we get into bed, she jumps up
and joins us and stays in it until we get up in the morning.
Occassionally, if the mood takes her, she will wander into the living
room with us on an evening and cuddle up on the sofa, but that is a
recent thing. She still doesnt venture outside but she seems quite
content with her life as it is and is getting braver by the day!  Romeo
is much more adventurous, he is in and out all day and night and seems
to rule our garden and the neighbouring gardens also!  He is still
chicken obsessed and would eat the whole pack if given the chance.  We
are so happy with our new ‘family’, thank you so much for introducing us
to them and letting us bring them home!

Kind Regards

Amy and Rob


‘9 months ago we adopted a mansell
since he has benn bought home he has made lots of new friends and he
plays with them and then he goes and has a run around. He has had lots
of treats since we got him. He has had a bandana and a couple of catnip
toys; and so he wears his claws down we bought him a scratching post and
a ball made of the same material for him to play with. He plays with
some strange things like a old tight and a empty selotape roll. When we
got him home for the first time we gave him a tour of the area so he
didn’t get lost and now he will go from the back over our fence then to
the front door and then sits there and waits. He falls asleep after he
washes – because he has so much fur it takes a long while and then he
needs rest.
We are so pleased with him, he has gone from a scardy cat to a proper ‘I know my way’ type of cat.
Thank you for introducing him to us. 






‘Just to let you know well how Louis (aka Thomas ) has settled in.
After a few quiet days hiding under the computer desk he is now loving
his comfy home and enjoying the great outdoors. He is a really placid
laid back character, he loves laying in warm spot and if and he manages
to get a belly rub from whoever’s passing then he’s even happier.


Many thanks to everyone at Scratching post for introducing us to Louis,we love him to bits,The Hanrahan familyxxxx’


Reuban and Georgie

“We adopted Bubble and Squeak in early January, when we
visited the cat shelter and saw this confident ginger cat strutting
around we fell in love with him instantly. His brother was hidden in his
cat bed and wouldn’t come out to see us, we were a little bit worried
that he wouldn’t take very well to us, but we wanted them both

the first night home they settled in straight away, we decided to
rename them to give them a new start… so they became Reuban and
Georgie. Rube is a big tomboy cat, who has a crackly meow, will give you
cat kisses if you come anywhere near you and loves playing chase the
ribbon and his tiger toy.

Georgie has taken a few months to come
out of his shell. Around women he is a complete baby, most night he lies
in my arms and he even sleeps next to me at night. For some reason that
we’re not sure of, he is terrified of men. My boyfriend and I have
given him a lot of encouragment and love to reassure him, it was a big
moment for us he jumped onto his lap for a cuddle.

We couldn’t imagine our lives without our furry babies, they are part of our little family.”

Megan & Dean from Enfield

Sophie & Kenny

Claire sent us this lovely photo of Sophie & Kenny.


Harry and Lily

Annie’s story :

was the lady who was lucky enough to take Harry & Lily away with me
‘to the country’ just before Easter. Just to let you know they settled
in immediately and have made the house very definitely their own.
They’ve put Chia in her place (whom we thought would be the problem),
and the other two cats are all beginning to settle into the idea they
have two young tearaways hurtling around the house at any given hour

They are now allowed to mix freely when I am around but are
segregated whilst I’m at work in a lovely big through lounge with all
their creature comforts. Allows my three other cats to come and go using
the cat flap freely-of course Harry & Lily cannot go out for 2 and 6
(7 weeks by time she gets spayed) respectively. They don’t appear to
mind, they have lots of big windows to check out the local bird
population & plenty of room for running around chasing each other in
‘cat tag’.

They are absolutely adorable and everyone whose met
them has been besotted-I even had to stop a friend of mine trying to
smuggle Harry out recently; he reminded her so much of her own cat sadly
lost a while ago. Lily has enjoyed endless compliments too-she has
filled out a bit and is looking sleek and extremely beautiful…and
doesn’t she know it; demure little miss!

Thanks again for letting me have them. Truly a privilege to have them around , they are most certainly ‘extra special’. 

Sylvester & Ella (update)

Sue B sent these pictures of Sylvester and Ella of Nazeing testing out their Christmas presents!!!!!!

Spoilt or what!



Max and Bibi

Update on Max and new friend, Bibi!
‘Before Christmas we adopted Max,
who has been such a star, that we came back to you in the New Year and
adopted Bonnie (a little Tortishell girl) to keep Max company. 
have now re-named her ‘BiBi’ because she is always making little
beeping sounds.  BiBi has been a perfect house mate for Max and from day
one they have got on perfectly. They now play with each other and BiBi
keeps Max in line when he is Meowing too loudly.

A few months ago we built them a
big run in our garden, with shelves for them to climb on, this means
that they can get fresh air and exercise without having to go near the
busy roads near our house.
Both Max and BiBi have brought so
much fun to our lives, they are so good natured we have really fallen
on our feet with the cats that we have re-homed. Thank you very much to
the Scratching post, we are very grateful to you for having paired us up
with them.


In November 2007, we adopted Max (see attached
photo). Since the moment he set foot through our front door has has
behaved as if he has lived with us forever, he settled in immediately
and has been the most affectionate and laid-back cat that I have ever
owned. We love him so much, he’s a constant source of amusement and
affection, he often behaves more like a dog than a cat.

is a big chatter box and is often found bossing us around asking for
his food and cuddles. He loves nothing better than being groomed and if
you are not grooming him to his high standard he will grab the brush
with both paws and redirect it to the correct bit of his face which he
would like brushed. He also has a playfull side too and enjoys a game of
football, after which he will flopp down on the sofa sat up like a
We discovered over Christmas that Max is not at
all shy, and will befriend all house guests, he even tried to scare off
two dogs who were visiting, causing a Jack Russell to hide under its
owners arm.
As we live next to a very busy main road we have
not been able to let Max loose in our garden, instead we take him for
walks on a harness, though he’s not very interested in the outside
world. For the New Year our project is to build him a run so that he can
fresh air and exercise in a safe environment.
We are very thankfull to scratchingpost for matching us up with Max, we could n’t imagine life without him.
Best Wishes for 2007
Lydia, Rich and Max





We have Lex (aka Jigger).  He has turned out to be
very loving and amazingly good tempered although still very nervous.
As you can see from the photo he likes to lay on his back and he is in
his element when given a ping pong ball to play with.  Such a pity you
cannot rehome the rest of his family.


Joyce P




Mojo, Jay & Smokey


 Here’s some pictures of the cats we re-homed earlier this year. 
MoJo the ginger is very loving and enjoys being fed, being cuddled and
being fed again.  He actually really enjoys playing with the other 2
boys and always pops out of his cat flap the moment we drive up.  He all
adore him and he is very happy with his cushy life!


Jay and Smokey are both
quite timid with people, Smokey more so.  Jay loves to be tickled and
stroked but only when up on his high shelf, he is becoming tamer and
tamer though and we have noticed that he loves to be around when we are
at the stables and enjoys our company more and more. 

Smokey makes his presence
known with large meows and can be found sleeping on his vet bed in the
eves of the kitchen.  Both cats have caught vast amounts of mice and
rabbits but always come in for their food which they heartily devour!




We love them all and they
have brought a real homely feel to our stable yard and you can tell
that they are blissfully happy with their new life.



Jo F.




Tammy came to us as an elderly resident, and
we could not see that anyone would ever take her on, at her age, so we
were delighted when Hilary Cooper adopted Tammy aka Tinky or Tinsel from
the Scratching Post last year.

tells us that she fits in very well at their mad house – she holds
dominion over the upstairs of the house, although they do try to
encourage her back downstairs! She is slowly settling in, as you can see
from these lovely photos.





Update 1 Oct 08

‘I am writing to tell you of the sad
loss of Tammy on Friday morning, having fallen asleep and drifted off to
rainbow bridge without a goodbye.  It looked peaceful for her but it
broke our hearts as she had just started to jump on the furniture like
all the others and to sit on Mark’s lap.  Earlier this year she had
started to ask to come in the lounge for breakfast instead of eating it
all alone upstairs.  Columbus had decided she was no longer ‘persona
non-gratia’ or he was just too old to worry and everyone else just got
on with things as usual!
We are very sad obviously and have now
got another wooden cat to keep and need a shelf for all four of them so
they are on display all the time.
Thank you for letting us adopt her and
making her last two years happier.  Maybe when we have got over the
shock and perhaps when Columbus has decided to chase her at the bridge,
which is going to happen fairly soon, we may consider another older cat.
Much love to all
Hilary and Mark Cooper



(AKA Minty) is our first cat, we had orginally wanted a kitten, but we
soon learnt that an older cat is better suited to us cat-novices!   So
we visited Scratching Post last Spring to find ourselves our new pet.
We had expected to pick a cat ourselves, but it turned out that it’s
rather the other way round – a lovely 3 year old male cat picked us out
and was determined that we would take him home!!

He’s now been living
with us for about four months and is already a firm part of the family –
how did we ever get by without a cat to ensure that we got up on time
in the morning, that we fully appreciate the adventure that is our
garden?  Or to realise the endless entertainment in a bit of string!

just want to say thank you to Scratching Post who were not only very
helpful in pairing us up with Jimmy, but also for being such a friendly
(and patient!) support to us with the many questions and queries we came
up with during the first weeks of finding our feet with our new pet.

So thanks again,

Natalie and Chris

Marley and Maisie Rae

Look at these little angels – aren’t they beautiful!

I am the proud owner of Marley and Maisie
Rae (mother of Marley) and for me it was love at first sight!  When I
first met them they were very timid and scared and Maisie was
trembling.  Now, after several months they are far more confident and
relaxed and have made themselves completely at home.  I still take a
deep breath when Marley shins up the fence to disappear into the
neighbouring gardens though!! Maisie much prefers to sit in the flower
bed and wait for him to come back.

They both have lovely natures and are affectionate and so
amusing.  They love their toys, especially their mice which I find all
over the house in various different places.  They both like sitting with
me on the sofa and purr when they think they are the one getting the
most attention.

I wish to thank the shelter for all the good work
they do and Jeannett Bannerman who introduced me to these two adorable
cats and I am so glad to have had theopportunity to give them a happy

Update April 08 “Just thought I’d
send some up-to-date pictures of my little angels!  I have had them a
year now and they are so at home and purr all the time, they are

Harry, Mikey, Nunu & Hannah

Hi Susan


We originally adopted Harry, Mikey (AKA Simba) & Nunu (AKA Maisy)
in June 2006 after being told about the shelter by a friend.



Harry had been living as stray and Mikey & Nunu were living
together in a block of flats and had been given to the shelter as their
owner no longer wanted them. They all got on well together and after
overcoming their initial nervousness were very warm and affectionate
cats. Harry is very adventurous and somewhat mischievous! and loves the
outdoors, whereas the other two preferred cuddling up indoors and a nice
warm lap.



Unfortunately Nunu passed away last November after a tragic accident. We were both

devastated but we decided in March this year that we were ready to
get another cat to try  and make something positive come out of it all.
So after lots of deliberating over all the beautiful cats at the shelter
we found Hannah, who had also been living as a stray. She is an
affectionate, loving, slightly mad cat! who loves her food and her toys
and has settled in really well with our two boys.



Our cats have really made our house a home and have given us lots of
smiles and laughs along the way so thank you. You and your volunteers at
the shelter do an excellent job and should be congratulated.


I have been spreading the word about your shelter to friends, family
& colleagues alike and if I can ever be of assistance I would be
happy to help.


Helen of Cheshunt

Jessie and Sophie

Thought you might like to see some photos of Jessie and Sophie, whom we adopted at the beginning of November.

two of them have settled really well, after an initially worrying few
days when they managed to get themselves ensconced underneath and behind
my kitchen units. They then graduated to behind the sofa,  but
fortunately they are now settled and I’m sure they think they have died
and gone to heaven as

they are spoilt rotten!!

is a lovely cat who loves nothing more than to have her tummy tickled
and whilst she doesn’t sit on my lap she will collapse as near as
possible to you and offer her belly to be scratched. She’ll occasionally
favour you with a kiss and loves to lick me, particularly when I’ve
been swimming! She has a beautiful thick and extremely soft coat and she
really is a softie.

Sophie is into everything and is obsessed with the kitchen sink, where she

loves to try and lick the taps!! I can’t run the taps without her appearing

and trying to catch the water as I fill the sink! A bowl of fresh water with

food just doesn’t have the same appeal! She also loves to get whereever
you don’t want her to go! The bedrooms are officially, a cat free zone,
but she manages to get the lounge door open, if not closed tight and
shoot up the stairs, with alarming regularity!

The house becomes a madhouse at least twice a day, when the pair
of them have a mad half hour, and it’s never always the same one doing
the chasing! In between time they are happy to curl up on the sofa’s, or
their beds and recuperate ready for the next game!

We had cats
for over 25 years until our last cat died 3 years ago aged 18 and have
realised just how much we missed having cats in the house.

Thank you for all you do to save these cats and for giving us the opportunity to meet out new companions!


Rita & Colin (March 2007)

Woody and Arthur

After the loss of Jazz, our wonderful 14½ year
old cat, we were devastated.  Our house was no longer a home and our
lives felt empty……….until we contacted The Scratching Post. 



We visited the cattery and noticed
Arthur, a lovely black and white cat hiding under a blanket.  He was
frightened, timid and his eyes looked so sad.  His only friend was Woody
– an outgoing, affectionate and handsome tabby.

Initially we had only intended homing one cat
but these two were adorable together and we were smitten…….it was love
at first sight!


Arthur and Woody are best friends (see photo). They have filled our house with laughter, excitement and sheer pleasure.


Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff* at The Scratching Post – your hard work, dedication and devotion is admirable.


*Note from ED – all ‘staff’ at the Scratching Post are unpaid volunteers!



Omar From Greenlady (January 2007)

I found Omar (then Num Num) in October 06 on the Scratching Post  website.

In November he  came to live with us.

has made huge changes to  the house. No more ‘lay ins’ ,the moment he
hears movement or the alarm clock  he is calling for you to start the
day. First things first, a game of throw  his  toy up and down the hall,
which he will retrieve until he thinks  breakfast should be served,
then it’s outside to patrol, with ongoing  commentary, to keep you
updated. He has a comment for every thing, no shoe or  bag, box or
newspaper is safe, everything has to be investigated. He is a  joy to
have around, and an absolute gentleman.

We have only known him for 2 months and I am so pleased to have been  able to

him a loving home that he can call his own. Watching him develop  his
character has been a journey that has just kept giving!

Star Lobb (very  proud owner of Omar, a Bengal, one year old.)

Archie and Mitsy From Fiona and Jamie (Dec 2006)


We would like to thank everyone at Scratching Post for all the hard work they do.

we lost our elderly cat a couple of months ago the house was suddenly
very empty. A friend put us in touch with the Scratching Post and we immediately spotted Mitsy (then Betty) and Archie on the web site, they had arrived at the scratching post together.

is kittenish and a lot of fun. Bold as brass she explores everywhere
from the back gardens to our neighbours kitchen!  Archie is an older,
shyer boy who likes nothing more than cuddling up on your lap.  We get
the feeling he will explore a bit more when the weather improves, he is
one for his home comforts.

They both settled in so quickly and with a minimum of hitches, we’ve been quite surprised and very pleased!!


From Mrs Claire KHere is a
picture of my black female cat which I got from you in September. She is
loving and gentle, she will be 6 months old tomorrow so i thought you
would like a picture.

We have named her Sophie. The picture is when we only had her a few days and she was 14 weeks old.

Ella (aka Elmo)

Sent in by Sue from Nazeing – Just to let Sue and
everyone know that Ella (Elmo) has settled in ok with us at Nazeing.
She, like Sylvester, is a smashing cat and he was over the moon to see
her but alas she does not share his passion for playing!!!

 Buster (aka James) and Angel

From Charli and Gaz (Sept06)

Click to enlargeWe
adopted Buster (aka James) and Angel in June 2006 – after seeing them
on the website it was love at first sight when we saw them in person!
Gaz was looking for a playful cat who wasn’t a kitten but not quite a
grown-up yet, and Angel fitted the bill – though when we first met her
she refused to move from the safety of the litter tray! She has now
become a lot more confident, and has turned into quite a little
adventurer – especially where the clothes airer is concerned! Charli
fancied a big boy cat with big paws, which is Buster down to a T – he’s a
bit of a mummy’s boy and scared of their elephant toy, but is slowly Click to enlargegetting
braver! They are incredibly close and follow each other everywhere, and
are often found curling up in their bed or on our big bean bag! They’ve
both settled in very well, and we couldn’t imagine being without them!
Thank you!


Scooter and Toto

From Steve & Andy

In the summer of 2003, we adopted two beautiful cats
from Battersea at Old Windsor who we renamed Monkey and Sooty, Monkey is
a beautiful Tabby with white socks, and Sooty was jet black, she was a
shy cat but a real “Lady” sadly after a long illness she died of renal
failure last October, we were heart broken.

Monkey and Sooty were not sisters, and they did not seem
particularly close to each other but they had been together for a
number of years and we were sure Monkey was missing her, so earlier this
year we decided to find a friend for her, after lots of advice we were
recommended to look for a young male cat, after vetting dozens of cats
we saw a lovely friendly black cat who we called Bender, we went through
all the correct procedures for Monkey and Bender to meet, but it was
hate at first sight we were so disappointed, but after six weeks, and
Bender attacking Monkey he had to go, luckily a friend of our was
looking for a young male cat, so he now lives a very pampered life in

Naturally we were now skeptical about getting another
cat, Monkey still bore the scars of Benders attack, but a neighbour told
us about the Scratching Post, I checked out the website and was
impressed enough to phone for a home visit, we were given loads of
advice by Roz the lady who did our home visit, and Jean who I spoke to
on the phone on many occasions, the long and short of it was that we
were advised to get not one but two female kittens, the reason being
that a young kitten would run poor middle aged Monkey ragged, and could
cause possible conflict, the Scratching Post has a beautiful white and
tabby kitten who we called Scooter, and a feisty little black cat who we
called Toto she came from the CPL ,the Kittens hit it off after a
couple of days the worry was would Monkey get on with them, but to our
great relieve she took to them straight away, licking them and trying to
be a surrogate mum to them, things have worked out so well, Thanks to
everybody at the Scratching Post who made it all possible.

Click to enlargeClick to enlarge

Click to enlargeClick to enlarge

Louie (aka Socks)

From Milly and Andrew, Oakwood

When our 14 year old black cat – Nero – had to be put to
sleep due to illness – we were heart broken and so was our big gentle
six year old Tabby cat – Ollie. He was lost without Nero and continued
to pine for weeks. Eventually, we felt it was time to look to home
another cat.

We adopted Socks and, whilst Ollie was afraid of the
little chap at first, they now play together (especially early in the
morning, running up and down the stairs and causing havoc !). We love to
watch them together and it’s great to see Ollie so much happier. We
will never forget Nero but Socks – whom we have re-named Louie – has
brought nothing but joy into our lives.

He really is ‘our little miracle’ – a dream come true. Thank you Scratching Post – for letting us adopt our little rascal.


Adopted by Julie a d W

Our little tabby kitten has now grown into a very smart
young man, called Gustav. He is an absolute delight and spoilt rotten.
He’s a fabulous cuddler and fancies himself as a wild game hunter,
though he’s still at practising stage with his toy frog. Gustav adores
his garden and leaps around like a little Spring lamb nibbling a blade
of grass here and chasing bees there. We love him.

Many thanks for finding him for us.

Peach aka Lily-

Adopted by Leanne and Alex

We already had a 6 month old male kitten and thought it would be nice if he could have a friend.

We contacted the Scratching post via an advert in the local paper and was given lots of helpful advice.

The following week we went to collect Peach.

Unfortunately the first few days were a nightmare as my male kitten didn’t appreciate another cat in his home…

After a lot of sniffing and hissing! they are now best of friends..

Thanks to everyone at the scratching post especially Ros.

Leanne and Alex

Peach is the tortie shell… The black tom is named Buffon after juventus’ goal keeper!!!

Westmill (aka Alfie)

Sent in by Tina

Tina and Richard met in a teashop in Westmill
Hertfordshire and Tina invited Richard to live with her, along with her
daughter Amber and their cats.

Richard loved the cats, they had four and also one dog. Because he had always rented, Richard had never owned

his own cat, and when the eldest of the four cats died, Tina said she would buy him his own.

Richard has very auburn hair (some would call it ginger .
. .) He had always hankered for a ginger cat because as far as he was
concerned there was not enough ginger in the world, and he felt he
needed some back up, and so the hunt was on.

We looked as far South as Battersea dogs home (who have
cats and dogs) and as North as Woodgreen in Godmancher, but no such cat
existed. However after a days worth of internet searching we found the
Scratching Post.

What a fabulous charity and super people. We fell in
love with Alfie the minute we met him, he is full of beans and wants to
play all the time. Our three other cats and our Dog Tulip have all taken
to him and they all sniff noses when they meet to see who has had a
tit-bit and who hasn’t!

Thank you Scratching Post, we love our new cat, he has
been renamed Westmill after the place where Richard and I met, strangely
enough he is partial to the odd cream cake, and Richard is the happiest
man in town.


Sue B from Nazeing emailed her story.

We visited The Scratching Post after seeing your
advertisement in The Mercury last summer and picked this young man from
the many cats that were there.

He has turned out to be a absolute “sweetheart” and
has really settled in with us as you can see! He gets on well with our
other little 18 year cat Jilly and would love to play with her all day
long, although she, of course at her age, she doesn’t see the world
quite like him!

I have been back to the cattery to visit and drop some bits and bobs of and think Sue and her team are doing a great job.

I will be keeping in touch.

Update – August 2006

Thought you may like to see a
current picture of our dear Sylvester who now, apparently, thinks he is a
bird!!!! Spent a quite moment the other day sitting up in the tree in a
old bird’s nest! He is thoroughly enjoying life here at Nazeing and we
are thoroughly enjoying having him! Regards, Sue.










Rachel & Paul emailed the following:

“During late summer we had been looking for several
weeks for a special cat to replace our recently departed one and had all
but given up hope of finding a suitable one. The pre-requisites being a
male, homely but loving 8mths – 2yrs old that’s good with kids.Click to enlarge

We happened upon Scratching Post and met our gorgeous
ginger cat – it was love at first sight for me but my husband took a
little more persuading. Initially he was called ‘Boots’ and we were
warned about his voracious appetite and temperament being ginger. Only
one of the two came true – his appetite. He is now called Shaka – ‘King
of the Lions’ and is big (not fat just a big cat) he is so gentle with
kids and just loves human contact.

He sleeps like no other cat I’ve
seen on his back bearing all!!!! But his appetite – he regularly brings 2
or 3 mice in a night – Live I hasten to tell you, has been known to
bring garlic bread in and when we put him on a diet he just goes next
door and pinches their cat’s food!

Thank you Scratching Post for giving us a cat with character who we, as well as everyone else in our street adore”

Lexy & Lily

‘We love nothing better than a happy ending here at the Scratching Post: you may have read about the plight of a pregnant cat called Lou who we took in over the Summer.

Her kittens are now ready for re-homing and Lexy and
Lily have landed on their feet in a loving home in North London with
Nicole, Neil and Margaret . Lexy is the image of her mum, Lou!

Two other of her kittens have relocated to Enfield,
where they are being spoilt rotten, and we are hoping to find the right
homes for the remaining 3 kitts, and of course for Lou herself, very

Lou has of course now been spayed – please read our section on neutering to see why this is the right decision for your cat too.’


Tabitha was brought to us as an an elderly cat,
suffering with heart problems, having sadly been neglected when her
owner became ill. We settled her in as our ‘resident oldie’, without any
hope of a new home for her. But she captured the heart of Rick and Pat who came to our cattery and as you can see, she is enjoying life very much in her new home!

cats make wonderful, loving companion cats, and can live for up to 18
or even 20 years! A 10 year old cat is merely middle aged! They don’t
wander far, so are less at risk from road accidents and disease, and are
extremely loving and grateful for their home comforts. With Winter fast
approaching, why not visit our shelter and see for yourself some of the
wonderful older cats who are looking for a warm lap to spend the winter
purring on?


‘Trumpers was brought to the Scratching Post by one of
our volunteers, at around 6 weeks old, with her 4 brothers, rescued from
a life as strays.

Their mother had given birth in a warehouse, which
we later found out had been pulled down the week after they were
rescued. She was a scrappy little thing, scared and in need of
veterinary attention and lots of good food. We weren’t even sure she
would make it through the first night.

Several weeks later, and after
lots of TLC, she was ready to be homed, and we wondered who on earth
would take on this odd little creature. She had the curliest coat we had
seen on a domestic moggy – almost as though she has a Devon Rex in her


Luckily for Trumpers, Trish and her mum came along, loving
‘cat people’ who needed a new addition to their family, and instantly
fell in love with her. Several months later, you can see that she has
blossomed into a thoroughly spoilt and happy cat, and we couldn’t be
more pleased for her.’








Cleo and Shabba,

(adopted by Claire and Richard Harvey).

“We met Cleo and Shabba at the Scratching Post in April
and it was love at first sight for us. They are still a real little team
and we are so pleased that they were able to come and live with us
together. They often sit and wash each other, before it turns into a
play fight and they go racing around the house! Cleo loves nothing more
than a warm lap to sit in and is really loving and affectionate. Shabba
loves to explore the gardens beyond our back fence but always comes back
for some food and some strokes. They are both very chatty too and
always announce their arrival into the room- they are very funny and
above all they really make our house a home.

Thanks so much to
the Scratching Post for all the hard work they do and for introducing us
to two lovely cats that we really couldn’t be without!”

Cleo and ShabbaClick to enlarge

So nice to have friends, isn’t it?


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