Shinko(Ginetta) and Kibo (Clio)

We adopted Shinko (Ginetta) and Kibo (Clio) a couple of weeks ago now and we thought you would like to know how they are getting on. They seem to bedoing very well and we love having them. They are both very inquisitive and have loved exploring the house this week although Kibo will often hide under the sofa given the chance. They enjoy playing together, often chasing each other up and down the stairs and hallway. They still aren’t too sure about that and will only tolerate being stroked if they are really settled somewhere and can’t be bothered to move. Shinko will occasionally let us pick her up but she isn’t too sure about it so we are trying to be patient! They both seem interested in us so we hope in time they will decide that it is ok to be close to us. In the mean time we are just enjoying watching them and they often make us laugh with their antics!

Here are some photos of them in their new home.