Changes to our website

Regular viewers will notice that we have a new website design. The new format is blogger” based and has been designed to be Mobile and Tablet friendly. It will also make it much easier for the WebEditor to keep up with the changes in the Scratching Post cat population.file-idd9x32rz_102fpt5s5

We have copied over most of the information from the old website, though some of the old material, e.g archives of cat photos have been left out.
The old website can still be accessed by clicking this link.
The popular “My Cat” feature archive will be moved onto this new site when time permits, but new contributions will be added here as they arrive.

The new website is hosted by making it ideal as a long lasting solution for a charity such as ours.
We are using the Basic version which is free. However it does come with advertisements which will appear occasionally on the page. To remove the advertisements we would have to upgrade from the free version at a cost of $2.99 per month.
Please accept this limitation  in the knowledge that your website is operating at zero cost to the Charity.