The story of Ellis

The Story of Ellis

Ellis has been homed.He was the first cat who came to live at The Scratching Post in 2004
I’d like to tell you how he came to us.

He was a starving stray from Edmonton Green and was trapped one cold dark bight from where he was living rough behind a fast-food restaurant. He was a big black and white un-neutured boy and must have had some nasty fights because he was carrying the FIV virus.

His home was in a tail brick built area at the back of the restaurant where access had once been through big gates. However, these had been sealed-up for security reasons so placing a trap in his living space was very difficult. Wyn, the lady who had reported him to us, helped me to climb onto a ledge halfway up and to then hoist the trap onto the top of the wall. I then had to use all my strength to haul myself up with the trap. What I hadn’t bargained for was a big overgrown tree on the other side. Fighting with big unwieldy branches, both trap and myself became tangled up with it. Eventually, badly scratched and worn out from disentangling the heavy trap I managed to lower myself down on the other side. It was dark and smelly, full of old rotting food. Un-deterred. I soon had the trap set with strong smelling pilchards, then sat back to wait. Eventually, I heard rustling among all the rubbish. The hungry cat was soon halfway in the trap. A few seconds later, the trap slammed shut and the cat was in the bag (or rather the trap).

The trouble was how I was going to get back out? The trap was now twice as heavy with the cat in it and it was with great difficulty I managed to lift it up, raise it above my head, high enough to rest part of it on top of the wall. The rest of it was balanced on my shoulder. It was impossible for me to lift it any more than this. I yelled to Wyn on the other side to go for help and I heard her trot of into the darkness. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity with the trap plus cat inside, balanced on one shoulder. I was very aware of being alone in the cold and dark, behind a dismal closed-up shop In Edmonton Green, very rate at night. After what seemed a very long time, I heard footsteps and voices, Wyn was explaining about the stray cat being in the trap, which must have been just visible on the other side of the wall. Suddenly, the trap was lifted into the air and disappeared over the top. Lots of joyful exclamations from Wyn, then the footsteps went away again.
They’d forgotten all about me. I was being left in there.

I yelled for someone please to get me out and eventually the face of a very tall strong youth appeared over the top of the wall. I scrambled up as best I could towards him. He then grabbed me and hauled me over the top, lifting me down onto the other side.

Ellis soon settled into life at the cattery and soon learnt how to escape and have adventures outside, spending many a night with the horses in the stables. He was a much-loved character around the farm and everyone will miss him.
He is, however, loving his new lifestyle and we all wish him well in his much-deserved new home. We can, of course, still see his name and picture above The Scratching Post door at the cattery, on our website and of course at the top of the newsletter as he remains our much loved mascot!

Margaret Wood April 2006