Partnership with Java Whiskers

We are delighted to announce that from the end of October 2020, we will be working in Partnership with Java Whiskers. The cats that you’ll see in the café are originally from The Scratching Post Cat Rescue. You can find out more by reading the below or you can visit the Java Whiskers UK website by clicking here.

An extract from the Java Whiskers website reads…

We are delighted to be opening our Java Whiskers Cat Café in London and would love you to join us to celebrate our Grand Opening on the 31st October. Java Whiskers, already loved by many in our first Stockholm Catcafé, are thrilled to be bringing the experience to London Marylebone. Java Whiskers is a relaxing haven for everyone to enjoy, with a core mission to raise the public awareness of homeless cats, and together with the public and our partners, to find forever homes for as many cats as possible.

The Cats…


Boo and Sox | Female | 7 years old

Box and Sox here, you’re friendly pair of sisters. We’re not exactly lap cats but we are super sweet and love humans. Just give us a little space when getting to know us and we’ll soon shower you with affection. Obviously we need to stay together, as we’re sisters. We have been together since birth. We adore one another dearly and are excited for what our future holds!

Java Whiskers - Scratching Post

Bruce | Male | Date of birth 22.04.21 | Born at the sanctuary

Hi i’m Bruce, a super-friendly male kitten who’s extremely bold and playful. I’m the brother to Bailey, who I love very much and would eventually like to find my forever home with him. I’ll be the first one at the food bowl and will require playtime at least 10 times per day. I’ll be a house cat / resident cat at Java Whiskers for the foreseeable future.

Java Whiskers - Scratching Post

Bailey | Male | Date of birth 22.04.21 | Born at the sanctuary

Gorgeous Bailey here, brother to Bruce. As Bailey said, we eventually need to find our forever home together but for now, we’ll be house cats at Java Whiskers. We play together, eat together, cuddle together and really do love one another.

Java Whiskers - Scratching Post

Juliette | Female | 18 months old | Ex-Stray

Hey, Juliette here. A young ex-mum who’s looking for my forever home after living at the sanctuary for some time after giving birth in a garden. If you show me love, I’ll show you more and if you feed me on time, I’ll reward you with lots of leg rubs.

Java Whiskers - Scratching Post

Cookie & Cream | Male | 1 years old in December

Brothers Cookie and Cream here. Just like our names, we’re super fun and love to bring everyone joy. From running around, to finding new toys, making new friends and eating lots of scrummy foods, we really are just full of life. We want a home together (which goes without saying) as we are bonded brothers and have been together since birth. We turn 1 in December and are already looking forward to our birthday party!

Java Whiskers - Scratching Post

Sherry | Female | 1 year old | Ex-stray

Sherry here, your super-loving ex-mum who found herself at the shelter after giving birth outside. Me in a nutshell? Super fun, super friendly, and super SUPER loving. All I want is a fuss and some scrummy food.

Java Whiskers - Scratching Post

Jacqueline | Female | 6 months old | Juliette’s daughter

Jacqueline here… From being born outside, to moving to the sanctuary, i’m now loving life, living at Java Whiskers. Although I can seem timid at first, I’m learning to grow and show my beautiful colours around humans. I like gentle interaction and playtime… you’ll be rewarded with blinky eyes. I’m missing a foot but you don’t need to worry about me… I was born that way!

Java Whiskers - Scratching Post

Ouzo | Male | Born 13.04.21 | Ex-Stray

Hi, Ouzuo here. A friendly young male who just wants to be around humans 24/7. In return, I’ll give you blinking eyes and shower you with cuddles in return. I may be partial to a belly rub or two, also.

The Scratching Post Cat Rescue and Java Whiskers UK Rehoming Policy

Procedure for adoption

1. Register your interest directly by sending an email to:, providing the following information:

Which cat are you interested in? Either name of cat or ‘open’ if you do not have a specific cat in mind.

Have you ever had a cat before?

Do you have other pets at home and if so, how many?

Will the cat be living with any children? (please specify ages)

Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor cat?

Tell us a bit about yourself…

2. The Scratching Post Manager will review all emails. If you are selected as a potential adopter, you will then be contacted by The Scratching Post for a virtual home check. This will be done via video call and will take approximately 20-30 minutes. During the call, you will be asked to show us around your home as well as answer some further questions. You will also be asked for proof of address e.g. council tax bill.

3. If successful, The Scratching Post will contact you to confirm.

4. Adoption will take place from the Java Whiskers Café, by appointment agreed with Java Whiskers. On adoption, you will be provided with: the cat’s vaccination card, microchip registration forms and one month’s Petplan Insurance.

5. All cats rehomed are: vaccinated, neutered, health checked, flea and worm treated prior to rehoming.


The cafe houses 9 cats during each cycle for rehoming. There will be more than 9 applications. Therefore, it is inevitable that some applications may not be successful for each cat. If you are unsuccessful, you may wish to be kept on file for future cats, or alternately rehome direct from The Scratching Post, where there are many other cats waiting to be adopted.

By registering your interest in a cat, you are in acceptance that Java Whiskers and The Scratching Post reserve the right to make any final choice of adopter. These decisions will be made in the very best interests of the cat.

When rehoming one or two of our cats, the most important aspect is finding the right match for both the cats and the owners.