Partnership with Java Whiskers

We are delighted to announce that from the end of October 2020, we will be working in Partnership with Java Whiskers. The cats that you’ll see in the café are originally from The Scratching Post Cat Rescue. You can find out more by reading the below or you can visit the Java Whiskers UK website by clicking here.

An extract from the Java Whiskers website reads…

We are delighted to be opening our Java Whiskers Cat Café in London and would love you to join us to celebrate our Grand Opening on the 31st October. Java Whiskers, already loved by many in our first Stockholm Catcafé, are thrilled to be bringing the experience to London Marylebone. Java Whiskers is a relaxing haven for everyone to enjoy, with a core mission to raise the public awareness of homeless cats, and together with the public and our partners, to find forever homes for as many cats as possible.

The Cats…

Sylvester | Male | 18 months old

Hi, my name is Sylvester. I’m a beautiful silver tabby who loves gentle strokes and playing with lots of furry toys. I lived at The Scratching Post for a short while before coming to stay at The Café. I learnt lots at The Scratching Post: How to play, that I can trust humans again, I even met a lovely lady-cat called ‘Apricot’ who has since found her new home. I think it’s time I found my new home now too. I’m ready to settle down!

Cupid | Male | 9 months old

Hi, Cupid here. Yes – the clue is in the name, I’m LOVEly. I’m not yet a lapcat, but that’s okay because one day I may be once I settle down. I’m young, playful and full of character. An extreme foodie too – wish I had one of those food orientated Instagram accounts. Toys are like the best thing in the world to me – playtime is my favourite time of the day. Don’t tell the sanctuary, but I like getting up late at night and playing too – it’s nothing but fun.

Split | Male | 7 months old

My name’s Split and I’m still just a baby. Well, bigger kitten really. I came into the sanctuary with my mummy, who was feral. She got herself a nice feral home and the mummies and daddies at the sanctuary decided to keep me and help me learn to like humans. Now? I love humans. I give lots of leg strokes. I love to play with Cupid, I love to eat lots of yummy food and I’m really sweet, gentle and kind. I want a home to call my own and a mummy and daddy to buy me lots of toys!

Hunni and Bumble | | Both Female | 7 years and 5 years old respectively (bonded pair)

Hunni – 7 years old… I’m a lovely long-haired tortoiseshell with a lot of love to give. I’m bold and love gentle strokes, cuddles, human interaction. A lap to sit on would be great!

Bumble – 5 years old… I’m a little shy but super friendly. I like humans, I love Hunni and I want to find my forever home alongside her with human(s) who will spoil us rotten whilst giving us lots of love, care and attention.

Aero | Male | 1 year old

Hi, I’m Aero and I’m ready to steal your heart. A young boy with a friendly nature, I want to find my forever home whereby I can show you just how much love I have on offer. As well as being friendly, I’m also gentle, like other cats, and love to be stroked and admired. Soft, kind, caring… I want to find a human, or humans, just like me. Oh, and I’m a bit of a foodie. Don’t worry, I’m not bothered about 5-star cuisine, I just enjoy a nice nutritious meal (or two).

Dotty and Daisy | Both Female | 9 years and 10 years old respectively (bonded pair)

Dotty – 9 years old… Dotty here! I’m a beautiful black and white cat who can seem a little shy before getting to know you better. As you’ll soon work out though, once I do know you, you will soon become my best friend. Daisy and I are looking for a forever home together as we’ve lived together previously, for years. We do not want to be separated now and hope we will find loving cat parents (or parent) for the rest of our cat years.

Daisy – 10 years old… Daisy here! I’m a rather stunning tortoiseshell who, like Dotty, can seem a little shy before getting to know you. But don’t let that put you off from getting to know me. Once you do, and we have accepted each other, I can be really loving. I’m so soft and gentle too. All I ask for is love and care. Oh, and to find my forever home with Dotty as we really do love one another.

Tramp | Male | 5 years old

My name’s Tramp and I’m a rather stunning long-haired tabby and white gentleman. At 5 years old, I’ve reached the point in life where I know what I want – a kind, caring homed to shower me with love, food and affection. I can be a little shy when I first meet you, but I wouldn’t take offence. That’s just me. Once I’ve got to know you better, I feel more confident to show you my true colours – and boy, are they beautiful!