Partnership with Java Whiskers

We are delighted to announce that from the end of October 2020, we will be working in Partnership with Java Whiskers. The cats that you’ll see in the café are originally from The Scratching Post Cat Rescue. You can find out more by reading the below or you can visit the Java Whiskers UK website by clicking here.

An extract from the Java Whiskers website reads…

We are delighted to be opening our Java Whiskers Cat Café in London and would love you to join us to celebrate our Grand Opening on the 31st October. Java Whiskers, already loved by many in our first Stockholm Catcafé, are thrilled to be bringing the experience to London Marylebone. Java Whiskers is a relaxing haven for everyone to enjoy, with a core mission to raise the public awareness of homeless cats, and together with the public and our partners, to find forever homes for as many cats as possible.

The Cats…

Sylvester - Scratching Post

Sylvester | Male | nearly 3 years old | Ex-stray

Hi, my name is Sylvester. I’m a beautiful silver tabby who loves gentle strokes and playing with lots of furry toys. I lived at The Scratching Post for a short while before coming to stay at The Café. I learnt lots at The Scratching Post: How to play, that I can trust humans again, I even met a lovely lady-cat called ‘Apricot’ who has since found her new home. I’ll be a resident cat at the Café for a while, I love it here so much.

Cupid - Scratching Post

Cupid | Male | nearly 2 years | Ex-stray

Hi, Cupid here. Yes – the clue is in the name, I’m LOVEly. I’m not yet a lapcat, but that’s okay because one day I may be once I settle down. I’m young, playful and full of character. An extreme foodie too – wish I had one of those food orientated Instagram accounts. Toys are like the best thing in the world to me – playtime is my favourite time of the day. Don’t tell the café, but I like getting up late at night and playing too – it’s nothing but fun. I’ll be a resident cat at the café with my best pal Sylvester for a while.

Hendricks | Male | 4 years old | Ex-stray

Hi there, Hendricks here. You might have guessed I look pretty similar to Sylvester… That’s because I was found at the same location as him and the humans suspect I may be his brother. What do you think? Although shy at first, I adore other cats and I’m the first one to the bowl at meal times. Gentle strokes are the way to my heart.

Vera | Female | 9 months old | Ex-stray

Hey, Vera here. How can you sum me up? Foodie. Yes, I adore food. Lots of it. I came to the sanctuary as a big kitten and unfortunately I had babies myself that wasn’t very well. After I learned that humans were actually okay, I started padding and purring away. I’m young in nature and heart and get on well with other cats. Although I like to tell them who’s boss and steal all their food. Did I mention I’m a foodie?

Tim | Male | 2 years old | Ex-Stray

Hey, Tim here. Your super friendly love bug. I came to the cattery as a rather shy ex-stray and had lost my faith in humans as I was shot in the leg with a pellet. Fortunately, the lovely humans have mended me and now I know I am loved. I’ll follow you everywhere and tell you all about my day. I love strokes, cuddles, food and a nice comfy bed.

Wrigleys - Scratching Post

Wrigleys | Male | 1 year old | Ex-Stray

Young Wrigleys here. What can I say? I went to live at the sanctuary when I was around 8 months old and loved my time there living with other cats. I play a lot. Like, really a lot. I absolutely adore Jazz and we’re always caught in the act of playing and running off with toys. I would really like to find a home with Jazz, pretty please. I’m hoping some nice humans will adopt us together.

Jazz - Scratching Post

Jazz | Male | 1 year old | Ex-stray

Hi, Jazz here. A young ex-stray who adores the company of Wrigleys, I’m looking to find my forever home with him please. I would really love that. A calm, peaceful environment with plentiful food, toys and my best friend, Wrigleys, would make my dreams come true!

Chewit and Jazzie - Scratching Post

Chewit and Jazzie | Male and Female | 1 year old | Born at the sanctuary

Hey, my name’s Jazzie and I’m a big baby now. I’m on the right in the picture. At 10 months old, I’ve spent my life at the Sanctuary as I was born there and am now super excited to be moving to Java Whiskers UK. Chewit is my brother and I love him very much so we must find our forever home together, please. We love playtime, food, other cats and we have the silkiest coats you could ever imagine.

Hi, Chewit here, Jazzie’s brother. I’m on the left in the picture. As Jazzie mentioned, we have the silkiest coats you could ever imagine. We love to be stroked and play with lots of toys all the time. As we’re still growing, we absolutely love food. We want to live together forever as we’re siblings and were born at the sanctuary so we’ve always been together. Together forever.

Ciroc | Male | 1 year old | Ex-Stray

Hi, Ciroc here… A super friendly, fun, love-bug who adores food, other cats and play time. If you want to bring me lots of toys and lots and lots of food I certainly won’t say no.

The Scratching Post Cat Rescue and Java Whiskers UK Rehoming Policy

Procedure for adoption

1. Register your interest directly by sending an email to:, providing the following information:

Which cat are you interested in? Either name of cat or ‘open’ if you do not have a specific cat in mind.

Have you ever had a cat before?

Do you have other pets at home and if so, how many?

Will the cat be living with any children? (please specify ages)

Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor cat?

Tell us a bit about yourself…

2. The Scratching Post Manager will review all emails. If you are selected as a potential adopter, you will then be contacted by The Scratching Post for a virtual home check. This will be done via video call and will take approximately 20-30 minutes. During the call, you will be asked to show us around your home as well as answer some further questions. You will also be asked for proof of address e.g. council tax bill.

3. If successful, The Scratching Post will contact you to confirm.

4. Adoption will take place from the Java Whiskers Café, by appointment agreed with Java Whiskers. On adoption, you will be provided with: the cat’s vaccination card, microchip registration forms and one month’s Petplan Insurance.

5. All cats rehomed are: vaccinated, neutered, health checked, flea and worm treated prior to rehoming.


The cafe houses 9 cats during each cycle for rehoming. There will be more than 9 applications. Therefore, it is inevitable that some applications may not be successful for each cat. If you are unsuccessful, you may wish to be kept on file for future cats, or alternately rehome direct from The Scratching Post, where there are many other cats waiting to be adopted.

By registering your interest in a cat, you are in acceptance that Java Whiskers and The Scratching Post reserve the right to make any final choice of adopter. These decisions will be made in the very best interests of the cat.

When rehoming one or two of our cats, the most important aspect is finding the right match for both the cats and the owners.